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Glass tube expert. The Renes Glastechniek company has been a glass tube specialist for nearly half a century, and manufactures high-quality glass test tubes. We offer professionals and individuals a wide range of test tubes made of glass using proven and reliable materials and methods. Indeed, whether it is for food packaging, decoration, floral compositions or laboratory research, people using glass tubes or test tubes cannot tolerate an approximate, fragile or unreliable glassware. On our glass tubes website, you will find a precise description of each type of test tube as well as its dimensions, specifications and the main use by type of glassware.

The different types of glass tubes for sale

The test tube, or glass tube, is a consumable glassware widely used in laboratories. However, glass tubes can also be used for the in vitro crop cultivation in the wine, fruit, ornamental or forestry industry (florists, arborists, nurserymen, horticulturists, growers).

In addition, glass tubes can for example be used as packaging glass for cigars, as a decoration to present dragees (sugar almonds) for a wedding, or as a container for food products (vanilla, spices, etc.) or cosmetic ingredients (oils, powders, bath salts…).

The different types of glass test tubes include, for example, culture tubes, printed test tubes as well as conical-bottomed, flat-bottomed or round-bottomed tubes. You may check our site map if needed. If you need high-quality glass tubes and glassware material, you can trust the company Renes Glastechniek.

Laboratory test tube use

The glass tube and laboratory equipment must fit their intended use. The glass test tube is very often a mini-reactor, where a chemical reaction takes place. A glass tube must therefore withstand very diverse thermal conditions (high and low temperatures), adapt to various devices or supports (centrifuges, ovens, supports …), and have a flawless chemical compatibility with the usual lab reagents (mineral acids, mineral bases, organic solvents, harsh chemicals, etc.), most of which are extremely corrosive. Renes Glastechniek also offers borosilicate or soda lime glass tubes to fully meet the expectations of laboratory professionals.

A product offer in line with our clients’ expectations

As a glassware manufacturer and glass test tubes supplier, our company provides a tailor-made work to manufacture glassware and glass tubes adapted to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Renes Glastechniek also knows how to customize its test tubes, for example by adding the company’s logo. For a quotation or customized glass tubes quotation request, feel free to contact the number one glass test tubes manufacturer Renes Glastechniek.

More information on glass tube

Can a glass tube be centrifuged?

Yes, a centrifugation glass tube is very strong and almost indestructible. Renes Glastechniek have been making test tubes for over 50 years and centrifuge tubes form part of our product line. A centrifuge glass tube is cylindrical in shape and sealed with a stopper, this ensures that there is no projection of its contents during high-speed centrifugation. Centrifugation tubes are also sized to fit the centrifuge machine. Suitable for use by biological laboratories, medical applications, chemistry or industrial centrifuge – including petroleum products, the test tube is designed for sterile mediums. Like plastic tubes they are designed for high-speed centrifugation processes.

Where to find glass tubes for sale?

Glass tubes for sale can be sourced from any reputable company that specialises in test tubes or glassware for scientific or medical use. Neutral glass tubes, also called disposable test tubes are offered in large volumes by several companies. They also offer glass and plastic test tubes for centrifuge purposes. Companies offer test tubes for scientific, biologic, medical and industrial purposes. They are usually offered in a variety of different sizes, with or without rims and with a variety of stopper sizes and types. They can be used as culture tubes or sample tubes for a variety of purposes. Tubes offer great variety and can be round-bottom tubes, printed tubes, conical-bottom tubes, flat-bottom tubes and can also be used for unconventional purposes e.g. cigar packaging, to store sugar almonds for celebrations or to store spices like vanilla or saffron and for cosmetics.