Conical-bottom tubes

Conical-bottom tubes are often used in centrifuges and are therefore also known as centrifuge tubes. At Renes Glastechniek we have an extensive range, ensuring that we can serve our customers to everybody’s satisfaction. We are also happy to supply tailor-made products; we always provide a suitable product.

Personalised down to the smallest detail.

At Renes Glastechniek we use soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass during the production process for conical-bottom tubes (other types of glass are also possible). Your conical-bottom tubes from Renes Glastechniek are highly resistant to both high and low temperatures.

As our glass tubes pass through a furnace, we supply a 100% stress-free product. Additionally, we constantly check the dimensions and shape of the glass. High quality is a requirement for us.

Would you like to print your company logo on a centrifuge tube? Renes Glastechniek is highly skilled in personalising conical-bottom tubes, ensuring that they fit in perfectly at your company. Other explicit wishes in the field of printing (like various measures of volume) can also be professionally fulfilled by us.

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