Flat-bottom test tubes

As the name suggests and contrary to conventional test tubes, these tubes have a flat bottom. Renes Glastechniek has been proud to offer a rich range of flat-bottomed tubes for nearly half a century. We are at your disposal to fulfil your wishes and offer custom-made flat-bottomed tubes.

Flat-bottomed tubes adapted for a wide range of applications

Because we use soda-lime or borosilicate glass of the highest quality (other qualities of glass available upon request), our flat-bottomed tubes are particularly suitable for preserving liquids and as storage containers.

Due to the systematic and precise control of the tension in the glass, of the shape and dimensions, we always guarantee the quality of our products. All our glass tubes are sent through the furnace during manufacture. This process allows us to guarantee a product that is tension-free.

We are also experts in the printing of flat-bottomed tubes , namely the printing of European or American volumetric graduations along the tube, for example (see also our page on printed tubes). But we can also professionally print specific text or your company logo on your flat-bottom tubes.

For more information on flat-bottom test tubes

On our website, You can discover a great deal of our rich range of flat-bottom tubes. We will be happy to assist you if you would like to place an order or obtain further information. At Renes Glastechniek, we are attentive to our clients and can present you the different possibilities offered with no obligation on your part.
These flat-bottom tubes are also referred to as culture tubes. On this page, we are going to tell you more about this topic!

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