Printed tubes

At Renes Glastechniek we produce high-quality glass tubes from soda-lime glass or borosilicate glass (or another type of glass on request). Regardless of whether these are round-bottom tubes, flat-bottom tubes or conical-bottom tubes, we use all our skills and experience.

We also have many options for printing on the glass tubes, ensuring that you, the customer, receive the product you want.

What aim do you have in mind?

Renes Glastechniek is happy to advise you on an appealing print that suits the aim you have in mind. One option, for example, is to have various measures of volume (both metric and imperial measures) printed on the side of our glass tubes. Would you like to personalise round-bottom, flat-bottom or conical-bottom tubes with your company logo?

We can print your glass tubes for you. This is done by means of screen printing, with endless possibilities. Examples are scale marks, the name and/or logo of your company, or bar codes – everything is possible.
The entire process, from start to finish, is done in-house and also makes it possible to print smaller quantities. We can use the entire colour palette of PMS and RAL colours for you.

At Renes Glastechniek we can achieve this through craftsmanship. Alternative printing options are your specific texts, brand names (one example of this is the packaging of medicines) or a relevant warning about the contents.

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